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When you are fourteen, you still need your mom to hold you when you cry and your dad to watch out for you, but when I was fourteen, I stopped being friends with the next door neighbor who had been my friend since kindergarten. When you’re fourteen, your biggest worries should be about the boy who said he had a crush on you or what homework is due, but when I was fourteen, my biggest worry was the thought of living. I disappeared when I was fourteen, I lost myself the night I snuck out to get high with the boy three years older than me and I never really came home(via wtf-lyss)
A nuestra edad sabemos que nada es para siempre. Nos enamoramos pero sabemos que no será pasa siempre. Por eso nos arriesgamos, por eso nos entregamos hasta quedarnos vacíos.Alejandra Pizarnik  (via efimerabelleza)

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